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ZEOS d.o.o.

Emil Sehic

The company ZEOS was established based on the requirements of the 2002/96/ES Directive of the European Parliament and Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment as of 27th January 2003 and the decision of manufacturers/acquirers/importers of EE equipment in Slovenia to fulfil their environmental obligations arising from the so-called extended responsibility of manufacturers in the form of a joint scheme.

Throughout its operation the company was primarily focussed on long-term stability and cost-effective achievement of goals. At the same time, our perseverance, professionalism and clear vision helped us overcome obstacles that we came across on the way. Not only did we manage to establish an efficient and comprehensive process of expanded responsibility in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment, but we also continued our success in 2009 in the field of waste batteries and accumulators management. In 2013 we upgraded the company’s activity by adding the field of waste grave candles (WGC) management, and in the same year we established our subsidiary company ZEOS eko-sistem in Sarajevo.

In addition to numerous awareness-raising actions at the local level, we are especially proud of our environmental awareness-raising project, which was selected by the EU’s LIFE Foundation as the first in Slovenia to be the BEST OF THE BEST project. This award means we are on the right path and motivates us for further operations.


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