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Processing of WEEE

All the WEEE collected as part of the joint ZEOS scheme is processed in accordance with the legislation with our subcontractors. The processing takes place in processing centres in Slovenia and abroad. In Slovenia we process the WEEE for which we have the appropriate technology and for which our subcontractors have permits. Some groups of WEEE are processed abroad based on transnational relocation, for which ZEOS joint scheme has all the necessary permits and notifications.

Like in collecting WEEE, processing of such waste also takes place by collection and processing groups, namely:

  • Fridges and freezers,
  • TV-sets and monitors,
  • Small domestic appliances,
  • Large domestic appliances,
  • Energy saving lamps.


The processing of waste fridges and freezers takes place in Slovenia and other EU countries. In the beginning, individual components are removed from the fridges and freezers (shelves, drawers, external electrical cables etc.) that are then properly processed, so we can recover secondary raw materials, such as metals and plastic. Then we remove and properly process the hazardous components, we remove condensers, compressors, and gases are extracted out of the cooling circuit. Cooling gases are properly stored and then destroyed. We end up with only the housings, which still contain gases harmful for ozone in their insulation foam. That is why the housings are technologically processed through an automated process of the recycling centre. The processed materials (metals, copper, aluminium, plastic and polyurethane) are returned to the production of new products or disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZASZD6y9xvM


The processing of waste TV sets and monitors starts in Slovenia. First we remove individual components (external electrical cables, plastic or wooden housing, printed circuit boards and electron gun) and ensure proper processing in order to recover secondary raw materials. Cathode ray tubes are transported abroad to recycling centres where the lead and barium glass is separated, following proper procedures.

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWScPlW0oXA


The processing of waste small and large domestic appliances begins with selective processing, removing individual components that require special processing. We remove condensers, batteries, accumulators, printed circuit boards, lightbulbs, toner cartridges, components containing radioactive substances … After processing, small and large domestic appliances are technologically processed in order to recover secondary raw materials (metal, plastic, etc.).

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf_cce6zaHI

Such handling ensures proper processing and disposal of this type of waste, the quantity of which has been increasing steadily in Slovenia each year.

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