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Collection and processing groups

Due to its diverse composition, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is collected separately by different collection and processing groups (CPG), which enables proper further processing.

pralni stroj LDA
(large domestic appliances)
Washing machines, tumble dryers, electrical ovens, microwaves, electrical radiators, electric cooktops, heating appliances etc. 
hladilnik FF
Freezers, fridges, air conditioners, other large cooling appliances etc.
tv monitorji TV/MON
(television sets and monitors)
Monitors from PCs and laptops, TV sets.
mesalnik SDA
(small domestic appliances)
Mixers, irons, immersion blenders, scales, water heaters, citrus juicers, vacuum cleaners, toys, mobile phones, phones, computer mice, keyboards, hair dryers, toasters, printers, pocket and desktop calculators, sewing machines etc.
sijalka ESL
(energy saving lamps)
LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, high-intensity lamps, low-pressure lighting with sodium vapour etc.
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