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Actions and events

Actions and events

At the company ZEOS we are aware of how important it is to raise awareness of the consumers, which is why we have dedicated a lot of attention and funds to this task ever since the beginning of our operation. Throughout the country we have been implementing carefully planned actions and events, connecting with numerous stakeholders, such as the local communities, schools, kindergartens, dealers, manufacturers of EEE, national and local media, local public waste management companies etc.

With targeted informing and awareness raising of consumers we want to improve their behaviour with regard to proper waste management, change their habits and raise their awareness on the necessity of responsible management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), waste portable batteries and accumulators (WPBA) and waste grave candles (WGC).

Through the implementation of numerous actions we have realised that consumers are not considering waste separation as an unpleasant chore – instead it is becoming a part of the normal contemporary, environmentally friendly lifestyle that they are proud of.

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