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Where should we put WEEE and WPBA?

Consumers can submit WEEE and WPBA free of charge:

  • 1

    To the ZEOS collection centre.

  • 2

    To a ZEOS street collection bin, which can be found in urban settlements.

  • 3

    To a collection centre at a public waste management company in your municipality.

  • 4

    When buying new EEE at a dealer (small WEEE, the external size of which does not exceed 25 cm, can be discarded at places of sales without the obligation of a purchase of EEE at retailers with over 400 m2 of selling space, while waste gas lamps and WPBA can be discarded at gas lamp or PBA retailers without the obligation of a purchase).

  • 5

    During WEEE and WPBA collection actions.

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