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Why is it important to collect WEEE and WPBA separately?

Have you ever asked yourself how many different electric and electronic devices you use in a single day? While in the past, people lived quite comfortably without electrical and electronic equipment, it has now become unthinkable to imagine our lives without modern technology that we use every single day, at home and at work.

In the morning we are woken by an alarm clock. We turn on the light. Then we use the stove to make coffee or an electric kettle to boil water for tea. We use the toaster to toast bread, open the fridge to take out the cheese spread, and use the electric juicer to squeeze fresh orange juice. We turn on the radio to catch the first morning news. We use a blow-dryer to dry our hair, iron our shirt with an iron, grab the phone and head to work. It is not even 8 o’clock and we have already used nearly a dozen of electrical or electronic devices.

Owing to the rapid technological development, electrical and electronic equipment quickly becomes replaceable with more modern technology. A serious question arises: what to do with the electrical and electronic equipment we no longer need?

When we no longer need our electrical and electronic equipment, we must keep it separately from other waste to prevent damage or pollution with hazardous and other substances. If they are collected separately and recycled, we can acquire a wide range of useful materials and raw materials that would harm us and the environment if they were disposed of in an incorrect manner.

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